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    Five piece Yoga suit

    Maybe you are worried that you can only wear a yoga suit for a short period of time. Let's take a look at our five piece suit. The same color, style of leggings,bra,Long sleeve, short sleeve, short tights, change with the season. You can have yoga suits for different seasons throughout the year, so that you can exercise better. Bra with leggings match for summer, winter you can choose long sleeves and leggings.Of course, you also have short sleeves, shorts, listen to your heart, with your favorite suit it.

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    How to choose the best yoga wear for women

    Yoga clothes are very important for women who practice yoga. Therefore, when you choose the clothes, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, it not only meets the needs of the body, but also adds points for your beauty temperament. As we all know, yoga has great effect on health and weight loss, attracting more and more people to join the ranks. However, in addition to the basic yoga theory, the premise of participating in yoga is to have a comfortable Yoga suit. A good Yoga suit is very light in weight. There is almost no obstacle when you do your movements. It can make you do all kinds of movements at will.Our seamless Yoga suit meets this requirement. Yoga suit, many coaches may recommend you to buy high-end brand, but not everyone yoga enthusiasts can afford the high cost, so, for ordinary us, the most cost-effective is the most suitable for us.So you can learn about our seamless yoga suit, which is cheap but comfortable. Yoga suit belong to intimate underwear products, we should pay more attention to their health characteristics. People will sweat a lot in sports. If the material of intimate clothes is not really green and healthy, harmful substances will enter the skin and body with the pores opening. In the long run, it will cause great harm to the human body, So choose our seamless Yoga set. When practicing yoga, a fit, comfortable clothes, so that the body can move freely, avoid your body, breathing restrictions, let the body and mind relax, feel good, more quickly into the Yoga state. Soft fitting professional yoga suit with the body movement of the bending ups and downs, moderate tightness, more performance of your elegant temperament. Clothing is the manifestation of culture and the expression of style, which makes the essence of Yoga reflected in the dynamic and static.

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    Animal Print leggings & Sports Bra

    When animal prints meet yoga wear... super amazing! Discover your favorite collection, every sports bra and leggings in animal printing have their unique style. Leopard print yoga bra and yoga pants ---- A fierce fashion-forward look with Style. If you are the one who loves the wild feeling yoga outfit, you can not miss this one. Seamless knit mix with animal print, soft and smooth, wild and fierce. Besides leopard print, serpentine, zebra pattern etc... all you will love it! Serpentine Strappy Sports Bra and HIgh Waisted Leggings Serpentine Bra Top and HIgh Waisted Yoga Pants Serpentine Seamless Yoga Sets for Women Leopard Sports Bra and High Rise Sports Leggings

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    Sportswear In 3D Digital Design

    Do you know what is 3D digital design? Do you know what we can bring to you if we use it for your custom sportswear design? 3D digital design is a creative way and revolution in clothes design process. This kind of technology includes simulating fabric, modeling 3D custom clothes, showing modeling in 3D vision etc. With this 3D digital design, we can efficiently make the model sample of sportswear to you. Due to we delivery the first sample to you as as possible, it can reduce much time and cost from sample to mass production, from planing to market. Simulating fabric Properties Provide real physical properties of fabric such as elasticity, bending, shearing, weight etc...for your seeing. By this process, we can vividly show you true effect that the fabric place on your design and help you to choose appropriate fabric for your sportswear. Making Sample With Efficiency As a custom gym wear manufacturer, we are always looking at a way to provide a high-quality service with effective time for your gym wear brand. 3D visual customization is one. With its function, we can achieve your fancy idea of sportswear. Comparing with 2D pattern modeling, 3D digital design we use into modeling greatly provide efficiency and vividness, When we finish 3D modeling sample, we will offer you a video and show your first sample in 3D vision, If you have any dissatisfaction, we instantly change data and modify the place which you do not satisfy.

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    Color Trends In 2021

          Pantone revealed in December that Illuminating — a bright yellow hue — and Ultimate Gray are its 2021 Colors of the Year, with both synchronously representing unity, stability and hope.     Leatrice Eiseman, execute director of the Pantone color institute, said: the union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow illuminating express a message of positivity by supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid at the same time warming and optimistic. This is a color combination that give us resilience and hope. We need to feel encourage and uplifted. This is an essential of human spirit.       Every year, people keep an eye on color trends and attempt to search the inspiration for creating, designing, decorating, purchasing etc. The release of colors trends by Pantone become a direction to us. Looking back 2020, we went through a miserable pandemic. The gray seemingly  symbolize the difficulty, dark, gloom, a hard time we faced. At the same time, appearance of yellow stands for hope, adamant and vigor. Combination of these two colors form a huge contrast. Gray to yellow, represents we go from darkness to light. As execute director of the Pantone Color Institute saying, we need to feel encourage and uplifted.      The color direction is guiding us to choose which color we adopt into sports bra, leggings, yoga set and any other items. The items we manufacture will always keep you on the trend of fashion. In the days following, let's look forward to seeing the new style in yellow sports sets and gray yoga suits.

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    Booming Trend----Seamless Wrap Knit Sportswear

    We lunches a series of fitness wear which employ a new seamless technology --- warp knitted seamless technology. Warp-knitted seamless sportswear clothing can be produced in a single sequence, without any seams.  Build to no limits for pattern and designs, the warp knit sports bra and seamless leggings are stretchy and breathable. It is ladder proof for more resistant and give you the light weight feeling because of the none additional finishing on the edges.

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    Market information About Non-Knit Activewear

    IMPORTER & EXPORTER Non-Knit Active Wear are the world’s 280th most traded product. In 2018, the top exporters of the Non-Knit Active Wear were China ($3.19B), Vietnam ($1.04B), India ($935M), France ($767M) and Italy ($659M). As for the importers, the top of them were United States ($2.71B), Japan ($1.22B), Germany ($794M), France ($729M) and United Kingdom ($611M). MARKET DYNAMICS Between 2017 and 2018, the exporters of the Knit Active wear grew the fastest in France($339M), Italy ($135M), Germany ($98.5M), Spain($86.2M) and Vietnam ($85.1M). Furthermore, the importers of the knit Active Wear gast in Germany, United States, United Kingdom. THE TOP TRADE VALUE COUNTIES In 2018, countries that had a largest trade value in exporters than in importers of Non-Knit Active Wear were China ($3.65B), Vietnam ($992M), India ($920M), Italy ($342M) and Bangladesh ($314M). In addition, countries that had a largest trade value in importers than in exporters of Non-Knite Active were United States ($2.5B), Japan ($1.2B), South Korea ($437M), Germany ($415M), and United Kingdom ($3986M).                                 (Data from BACI HS6 REV. 1992) IMPORT TARIFF In 2018, the average tariff for importing Non-Knit Active Wear was 24.2%. The countries with the highest tariffs for importing Non-Knit Active Wear were Iran (100%), Syria (73.5%), Austria (45.3%), Cape Verde (40%), and Bolivia (38.4%). As first range in the importer, USA imported tariffs is 14.8% for knit active wear.                                                              (Data from World Integrated Trade Solution)

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