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Sportswear In 3D Digital Design
March 16, 2021

Do you know what is 3D digital design? Do you know what we can bring to you if we use it for your custom sportswear design?

3D digital design is a creative way and revolution in clothes design process. This kind of technology includes simulating fabric, modeling 3D custom clothes, showing modeling in 3D vision etc. With this 3D digital design, we can efficiently make the model sample of sportswear to you. Due to we delivery the first sample to you as as possible, it can reduce much time and cost from sample to mass production, from planing to market.

Simulating fabric Properties

Provide real physical properties of fabric such as elasticity, bending, shearing, weight etc...for your seeing. By this process, we can vividly show you true effect that the fabric place on your design and help you to choose appropriate fabric for your sportswear.

Making Sample With Efficiency

As a custom gym wear manufacturer, we are always looking at a way to provide a high-quality service with effective time for your gym wear brand. 3D visual customization is one. With its function, we can achieve your fancy idea of sportswear. Comparing with 2D pattern modeling, 3D digital design we use into modeling greatly provide efficiency and vividness, When we finish 3D modeling sample, we will offer you a video and show your first sample in 3D vision, If you have any dissatisfaction, we instantly change data and modify the place which you do not satisfy.

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